Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sparks of yellow + purple

I need to remind myself. if i want to be a writer, i need to practice. if i want to be anything, i need to practice.

okay, yes self. I will.

This past week has been pretty hectic- driving to Tulsa on Sunday & then driving back to Norman @ 8am for my classes. I am exhausted. Constantly. I need to know that this feeling of being overworked will go away after college. oh wait- I think I can hear my future self laughing at me. I cannot keep up with the all night studying for tests I don't give a shit about. I talked to my older sister over the weekend about school & grades, and she says, "College really doesn't matter. Sure you need to get a job, but yeah I didn't learn anything there. Real life experiences teach you about stuff. Do as little as you can to get a B average." Sarcasm, right? No, she's serious. And the more I thought about it, the more it made wayyyy too much sense.

Some of the classes I'm in, I don't remember anything. Most of the material is the teacher nagging us to read a textbook because it's going to be on the test. I'll read this over ONCE. Get test questions over it...ONCE. And forget it, forever. Great strategy.

This isn't how every class of mine is though. I tend to learn best when I have an interesting professor who enjoys having an engaging lecture or discussion with the class. And again, yes there are many dry professors who rattle on for an hour and a half, or there are the crazy ones...
         My professor dressed up in full zorro garb to explain how the printing press spread the growth of knowledge. Don't even ask me what went on in that lecture.

In conclusion, I am going to take my sister's advice. Okay- no i'm not going to squeak by and zone out in class. I'm going to get those life experiences. The only way to have opinions, beliefs, and feelings towards the world, one must first experience a vast + different universe. Here we go.

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