Monday, November 28, 2011

Beauty & the Moo

I grew up on Disney movies and would watch them over & over. However, I had a favorite. Everyone in my generation had their favorite Disney movie. Every girl had that certain Disney princess that they would pretend to be. To me, Jasmine was a tramp, Ariel was an idiot, and Cinderella was boring.
My favorite and the best is Belle.

She is intelligent, beautiful, and eccentric. Finally there was a princess that didn't change her species for a man or didn't act like she was clueless. Belle was a girl who, when the jackass put the moves on her, didn't fall weak at the knees. Jasmine, Aurora, and Ariel would've loved Gaston. Just sayin'. They all fell in love with men who they had known for about 2 days.
Belle cares about her family, reads, gets to know the man she falls in love with, sings, and is "a beauty, but a funny girl." BOOYEAH.

I was always a bit eccentric, funny, weird, whichever adjective you want to use. I found it helpful that it was okay to have a role model that was kind of strange. Belle was independent and wanted adventure more than anything and the other princesses wanted an MRS degree. Maybe this is why the girls in my generation are obsessed with marriage. Perhaps their favorite Disney princesses were in the movies with misogynistic ideals. This is probably why I could never identify with stereotypical princesses.
Just Belle.
The funny one.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bold + what i love

Going out with friends. It's what you do in college. You all act like idiots and have hilarious stories to recant when you are all in the right mind.

I am loving everything that is happening right now. I feel like I am a stereotypical college kid right now but I'm having fun with people who don't fill that stereotype and I love it. My friends are awesome. They are so funny and absolutely non-perfect in the most fantastic way. They are interesting and sometimes offensive, but they are with me for a reason.
The fact that we are all experiencing defiance together makes me so happy.
After all, we're just kids.

I would so much rather have a night of crazy, running around fun with just my friends than going out to frats and stumbling home in a stupor. Sorry- that's just me.
I'm all for partying- I'm mainly just all for partying with the people I am glad to call friends.

Let's go amigos.