Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bold + what i love

Going out with friends. It's what you do in college. You all act like idiots and have hilarious stories to recant when you are all in the right mind.

I am loving everything that is happening right now. I feel like I am a stereotypical college kid right now but I'm having fun with people who don't fill that stereotype and I love it. My friends are awesome. They are so funny and absolutely non-perfect in the most fantastic way. They are interesting and sometimes offensive, but they are with me for a reason.
The fact that we are all experiencing defiance together makes me so happy.
After all, we're just kids.

I would so much rather have a night of crazy, running around fun with just my friends than going out to frats and stumbling home in a stupor. Sorry- that's just me.
I'm all for partying- I'm mainly just all for partying with the people I am glad to call friends.

Let's go amigos.

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