Monday, February 21, 2011

i have a test in 1hr. 6 min.

I should be studying.

I'm listening to my instrumental playlist on itunes-- it has only instrumental music, yeah original title. So, this playlist is on shuffleboard and I decided to let the LOST soundtrack play. (Whenever I'm on itunes i tend to skip many songs, but when I hear them on the radio I listen....) After hearing two LOST songs i decide to go to my playlist entitled, "4815162342" only those that watch LOST will understand this post.

So I'm listening to this music, and I just gotta say this is "that soundtrack" for me. I know I listen to a lot of soundtracks, a lot of classical, and just a lot of music in general. But this soundtrack is one that I want to play behind me when something really meaningful and poignant happens in my life. This music puts a storyline in my head, and that for me is one of the best things that music can do. This is my thinking music. I sit there and ponder my life & all the people in it. Most of the time it puts me in a hopeful & untroubled mood. It's good music for a good day, it's great music for a bad day.

Obviously I'm a crazy fan when it comes to epic stories like, LOST, and all of the characters, but one of its best elements is the music. As it should be. You all everybody!

Michael Giacchino, you are up there with Thomas Newman & John Williams.

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