Friday, February 4, 2011

continuous snowflakes & ice

As a result of a boring day inside, this is the beginning of my blog. I'm sure it will be interesting, and if not, well, sometimes life can be uneventful. Maybe wait a couple of posts and something will have happened to me by then.

My major is now professional writing.
wow. Sorry, that's kind of scary for me because at first I was way into education.
My thoughts about becoming a teacher were always encouraging and familiar.
(This quote below is in my sarcastic voice that people who know me have often heard)
"You are going to make ssssuch a good teacher!" is what I have always heard- but then I was sitting down to write my essay for the College of Education all I could come up with was...
"I like babysitting".
Okay, it wasn't that bad of an essay, but honestly it was not the way I thought I was going to write it. I had always thought I had this immense passion for teaching others, when in reality, I have a short temper & usually want others to like exactly what I like, and get frustrated when they don't... not the best qualities of a teacher. Not that I am a horrible person who can't stand people, but once I told my mom (who is a music teacher) that I was changing my major she said, "Yeah... that's probably a better idea". tttthanks for your honesty from the beginning? hahah

In all seriousness though, I want to keep up this blog as a mark of me truly rising to the occasion and documenting my thoughts and ideas while I'm scared out of my mind to embark on a new direction.

Now that I've put myself out there I hope people read this blog.
I swear to the lord above I won't make it long & boring again, these are just things I needed to say.
have a bloody fantastic friday everyone!

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