Tuesday, February 8, 2011

wasting time in bizzell

Tuesdays & Thursdays I have a 2 hour break in the middle of the day- so I trek on over to the library and try to "catch up" on my textbook reading for class...

Yeah that doesn't happen so I mostly spend time on netflix watching movies or shows.
Recently I have been watching The Cosby Show which, in my opinion, is so fantastic.
Think about it. Bill Cosby is Cliff Huxtable, one of the best TV dads ever. Theo & Cliff's talks are hands down best father-son moments. Denise's style is so ridiculously 80s. Whoever writes Rudy's lines is genius. And Claire Huxtable? Well, there is no greater lady. She is, and will always be, the sassiest & classiest. There is only one flaw- Sandra is so annoying. Her feminist views can be funny when she disagrees with Elvin's 50's homemaker view of women. But on the most part, this character is repetitive and boring. She always has some new scientific statistic to talk about, and this usually dampens the party. I only look forward to Cliff's expression when she is done talking. That is when I laugh.

The reason I love this show the most I guess is because of my sisters, Katie & Ellen. We watch this show & so many others, but my sisters are the only people I know that seem to watch & love this show as much as I do. I can talk to a zillion other people about the Bachelor (I know, shameful, but it's the funniest drama) + Glee (yiiikes... let's all stop obsessing over Rachel Berry). But I only know one show that is exclusively the Pearson sisters'. Thank you Huxtables for making us laugh & rewind x 3, when none of our friends really "get it".

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