Sunday, September 18, 2011

laid back forever

I use to think I was a high strung dramatic person. I know I'm dramatic, but it's funny dramatic. Lately things have been serious dramatic with sorority stuff & friends. Life can sometimes be a drama, but does it have to be that way 23 hours of the day? I guess so.

I want to do well in school, but I also want to have a social life. However, how do those who go out 4 times a week manage?? I don't get it. Life seems to be a paradox and I am always in the middle. Like, ALWAYS. It's a funny thing to think about how some people care too much, and some too little.
I'm in the middle. The middle child. The middle of a friend battle.

I like how all of my friends are laid back. Can everyone be that way?
Don't get me wrong, I love drama. I'm a girl so I love talking about it & gossiping.
Some people love it all the time. TOO MUCH TOO MUCH.
It's a lot to handle and I can barely handle myself sometimes.

Get me through the semester. Let me be a good friend. Let things work out.

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