Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome to the Monster Ball

On April 4th, 2011, the city of Tulsa knows that a concert is in town. Thousands of little monsters gather downtown at the new BOK Center to see Lady Gaga. When you are at the Monster Ball, the arena is filled with continuous deafening screams. All of her fans don eccentric pieces of clothing or accessories to show their "Mother Monster" her impact. Quite a few of these outfits are replicas from music videos or television appearances. The lights shut off and the fans know that the show is about to start. A purple light comes up and a silhouette of Lady Gaga appears.
    Lady Gaga is a pop artist with multiple chart-toppers and number one records. However, she is infamous is for her outrageous outfits and being outspoken about certain topics. Gay rights, bullying, and being who you want to be are messages she constantly stands for. This anti-bullying message, which has been in the media quite frequently, is and will be relevant to anyone growing up who has felt disenfranchised or alone. Perhaps that is some of her appeal, these subjects are so easily identifiable to many kids struggling to find out their place in this world that they take comfort in knowing someone who is famous felt the exact same way. The lyrics of her songs are a testament to her ideas of feeling detached from society. But, a lot of her songs are mainly great dance singles.
    The first song, "Dance in the Dark", begins and, true to her form, it is intensely theatrical. Gaga sings while remaining completely still and only moving on the chorus of the song. The audience then sees the stage with an electric green truck in the center with a keyboard in the hood, and neon words and props everywhere. She plays some of her more popular records like "Poker Face," "LoveGame," and "Telephone". The stage continuously changes throughout the show, as does Lady Gaga. Although the glitter, props, lights, instruments, and costumes make the show a true spectacle, the most entertaining part of the show is when Lady Gaga is at the piano. She hammers away at the keys and belts out her ballads. "You & I" and "Speechless" are among her powerhouse anthems she sings at the piano. These songs showcase her natural talent and ability as a pop artist. Everyone in attendance can see how passionate she is about her music and how she loves the dramatic theatricality of each performance.
    The Monster Ball was a concert unlike any I have ever seen. Gaga played numerous number one hits. But, she also sang some of her unreleased demo songs like, "Glitter & Grease" and "Vanity", which only her most devoted super fans know. She preaches the message of self-love, which each little monster can relate to and screams for. The Monster Ball is a show for anyone who loves theatre, electronic pop, fashion, powerful ballads, hard rock, or someone who may be lost or confused in their life and might need direction. Maybe Mother Monster has just the words or lyrics to help you.

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