Sunday, December 4, 2011

Can I Call You "Mary"?

My ears have heard this question numerous times and to each person asking it, I respond with a..... "NO." That is not my name. You can say it, but I won't respond. But really, not answering to this one part of my name is like how I wouldn't answer to the name "Jennifer" or something.

I have many personalities (which makes me sound insane). MOODS. I have many moods. I want to be 5 different types of people at once. That is my reasoning for my two names. According to the rents though, they didn't want to confuse me with my aunt. Whatever, I like my understanding better.

I want to be funny, deep, interesting, engaging. But I feel boring sometimes, but my name is a merge of characteristics. It's two rather unremarkable names fused together. I wish I could be a fusion of many.
 I will make my joint name proud.

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