Sunday, December 4, 2011

Take It Down A Notch

In today's society, the media bombards us with constant information in heated debates. Everyone disagrees. People have opinions and they are going to share them whether you like it or not. We are brainwashed to have opinions about politics, music, movies, and TV. If we aren't extremely passionate about each and every subdivisions we are reprimanded. We have to have extremist opinions about all politics and all of the issues that coalesce. Those who dominate in the media use an accusatory or snooty tone to talk down to their audience and infuse them with the correct way of thinking. In this day and age of the 24-hour news networks, a harsh tone is necessary. This type of speech which clouds our thoughts and burdens citizens must be removed immediately. Is it possible to have any news or media correspondent not talk like a political pundit? Or, more simply, is it even possible speak in a civil way and respect other's opinions?

We've all had multiple conversation with people who have their obvious opinions and blurt them out each chance that they can get. They will not let you get a word in, and, as a matter of fact, they don't want you to. They must prove how their belief is correct and yours is, well, ludicrous. We know, we understand, we get it. You have certain stances and convictions. But perhaps they aren't true? Will those people change their views if proven wrong? No, they are the ones that take the pundits and correspondents seriously. The media's word is truth and law. So, even if their arguments are determined as false, they won't give up their case because of their sense of pride. This is often the case with these people, too heated to be rational. They need to calm down, think, and become reasonable, which is often a strenuous task for them.

We must become a culture of civility and courtesy so that we won't be destroyed by the over zealous and pushy pundits of the biased media. We should not be subjected to a type of communication that is inciting fear into every broadcast. Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, had "The Rally to Restore Sanity" last October, which advocated such a position. This message of acting and reacting in a sane and rational manner when dealing with the radical and outrageous stances on governmental issues can also be applied to everyday life. If you have a problem with someone, try taking a calm approach and see which strategy they respond to more. A coolheaded campaign to an issue may be more popular than an emotional one. Most people do not understand why those that use unwarranted or unpredictable tactics have such a passionate reaction when it comes to subjects they may even not be effected by. We must learn to control our tone of how we say things and keep those who do not enjoy fervent arguments, pacified.

The overbearing source of our world acting in such a way is because we are trained to react just like the media tells us to. We are supposed to stand up for, what they claim to be, is right. And we should do this loudly. The media should recognize it's aggressive tactics to gain viewership and opinions close to their own, and change them. The newspapers, magazines, television programs, pundits, and multiple other news outlets need to present us with the basic facts and not use psychological methods to trick us into believing something is worse or better than it actually is. We just need to take action and start behaving in a way that is well-mannered and pleasant. This is not a call to rid the world of opinionated people, this is a plead to act in a way where everyone's voice can be heard. Do not think your being civil means that you have no opinions or passionate ideas. You do have these things, you are just being respectful and courteous to those who may have opinions they want to voice as well. The overly heated people should tone down their discourse and let the rational thinkers and speakers have a turn. Let's just make the world a bit more civil, shall we?

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